Retrofit Masonry Structures with CFRP

Unreinforced masonry structures have shown their vulnerability in major events such as earthquakes and severe wind. In addition, factors such as change in occupancy, deterioration or an increase in lateral-load may create the need to retrofit a structure for strengthening.

The retrofit/rehabilitation of existing masonry structures has traditionally been accomplished using conventional materials and construction techniques. Externally bonded steel plates, RC overlays, grouted cell reinforcements and post-tensioning are just some of the many traditional methods available.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) has emerged as an alternative to traditional materials for strengthening masonry structures. Advantages of retrofitting masonry using CFRP includes easier handling and installation while resulting in lower installation costs. There are also minimal changes to the structure’s appearance. Disturbance to occupants and loss of usable space are also minimized. Dynamic properties of the existing structure remain unchanged because there is little weight addition or stiffness modification.

, Retrofit Masonry Structures with CFRP