RCF High Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste

, RCF High Strength Anchoring Epoxy PasteIf you are in need of a reliable adhesive, Rhino Carbon Fiber’s High-Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste is the solution you are looking for. The paste is a two-component, moisture-insensitive liquid epoxy gel adhesive. The high-strength/high modulus combination makes this epoxy paste great for a multitude of purposes.

Rhino Carbon Fiber High-Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste can be used for setting or bonding subsurface or external reinforcements to concrete masonry and other substrates. The paste works well for reinforcing steel dowels, threaded rods and bolts, and inserts into existing concrete or masonry. The applications for this multi-purpose adhesive paste are vast. It can be used as a bond adhesive for structural bonding of fresh or hardened concrete to hardened concrete. You can also use the epoxy to seal cracks, set injection ports, and as a pick-proof sealant.

Benefits of RCF High Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste

There are many benefits to using High-Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste from Rhino Carbon Fiber Products.

  • Moisture tolerant
  • High strength, high modulus structural adhesive
  • Made in America
  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Rapid cure formula
  • Agency Independent testing lab certification •Solvent free
  • No-sag gel consistency
  • Concrete grey in color