Corner Wall Repair

, Corner Wall Repair KitsWhen it comes to corner wall repair, Rhino Carbon Fiber offers the most advanced solution on the market. Our corner wall repair kits are designed specifically to reinforce the corner of the structure. Many buildings are constructed with a beam that pockets over the top of the corners of the foundation wall. This design has a tendency to crack due to the pressure and weight of the support beam. By applying a Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Kit, the cracked corner can be repaired or a wall can be reinforced in preparation of building an addition.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Corner Wall Repair Kits are the only product available that will structurally repair and reinforce the corner of the building’s foundation wall while preventing future cracks. Not only does the carbon fiber repair the crack, but it also strengthens the wall. The Corner Kit distributes the pressure horizontally, correcting the damage and preventing any further problems in that area. The smooth finish blends in with the wall, allowing you to paint or panel over the repair.

All Rhino Carbon Fiber products have a lifetime, transferable warranty.

, Corner Wall Repair Kits