Concrete Crack Lock Kits

, Concrete Crack Lock KitsThe experts at Rhino Carbon Fiber Products have engineered the Concrete Crack Lock Kit to bridge or stitch concrete and masonry, permanently stopping cracks. The Concrete Crack Lock Kits can be used on slabs, columns, and concrete block foundations. The application can be implemented on industrial buildings, foundations, bridges, swimming pools, and more.

The Concrete Crack Lock Kits are designed for various-sized cracks and can also be sued to increase seismic strength of repairs after an earthquake. The low profile of the Concrete Crack Lock allows the repair to be painted over or covered with flooring or other finishing products.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Products have patents pending for the Concrete Lock Kit which locks both sides of the crack together, preventing the crack from moving or expanding. The Crack Lock, when combined with Rhino Carbon Fiber’s High Strength Anchoring Epoxy Paste, is set in place, welding each side of the crack together. This welding maximizes the tensile strength of the carbon fiber without corroding like steel. The long-lasting product reduces the potential of callbacks or warranty claims.

Concrete Crack Lock Kits Benefits

  • Less concrete is removed than other repair solutions
  • Less epoxy is needed to seal the cracks
  • Less time is needed to make the repair
  • Can be used anywhere a carbon fiber staple would be used
  • No special tools are required